The characteristic that distinguishes us is being a staff of creative minds, somewhat out of the classic schemes, capable of proposing new ideas, and fresh alternatives.
The originality of our events is fueled by passion, research, enthusiasm and curiosity
We look at every detail in all phases: design, organization, implementation, sponsorship, respecting customer needs and preferences.

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Wedding Planner

Whether you have decided to marry in the church or prefer to opt for a civil ceremony, whether you want a big party, rather than an intimate ceremony, whether you dream of a classic party or be sensitive to new trends, we take care of your happiness and satisfaction .
Commitment, dedication and availability are our keywords in order to ensure a pleasant and unreasonable experience during all stages of wedding organization.
These are our tasks: counseling the couples who are about to marry at all stages of the wedding, from preparation to ceremony; choice of location, restaurant menu, flore design, car, photographers, catering, imaging services, staff selection and technical staff, with shot-pills (music bands, fashion shows, photo sessions, cooking shows, natural paths); special team (private jet, helicopters, yachts, private islands, limousine service, new & vintage supercars, private castles and private residences).
Management and resolution of any logistical and organizational problems.
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Bachelor party, party: 50’s and Bollywood
We organize hen party to the unconventional bachelor party: femme fatale anni 50, bollywood, boudoir, burlesque.
Party, brunch, birthday or business parties.
In all cases upon request, each participant will be able to set up a 50-year ad hoc photo shoot or inspired by indian colors.
Photo shooting for the bride and girlfriends dressed in 50s or indian dresses, with makeup and wig made by our professionals.

Catering – Team Building

Boudoir & Glamour Photography sessions in Paris, France.

Wellness & Spa


Blind date photography – entertainment and promotional format for photographic equipment.
Here is a new and intriguing initiative offered to all those lovers of photography who do not disdain the challenges and play with lightness and enthusiasm. They want photography as an opportunity to meet each other with curiosity, without prejudices or labels, but above all with a pinch of madness and taste for the unexpected.
A real “Blind date photography” – “Blind date photography” hence the name chosen, a way to get to know the other without having time to create constraints or prejudices, where photographers and models will not know anything one of the other until the day of shooting.