Specialized in organizing events, communication, training.
The proposals are concrete, quickly and effective, aiming at enhancing the results through an important public recognition process, all projects are strategically oriented to the business.
The staff consists of receptive and creative minds, where each project is pure passion, energy and enthusiasm.
Strategic partner for companies, organizations and associations in the design, organization and management of events, communication and training, from concept to development.
It provides advice and event projects can also be carried out by third parties.


– ideation of ​​events, communication strategies and formats
– development of the design idea for the event and subsequent planning of its processes.
– planning of event design
– marketing consulting, pr for realization
– structured for an organizational secretariat
– logistics management
– search for artists, stewards and hostesses, models, photographers, video operators, suppliers, catering, locations, outfits, etc.
– specific vocational training in the proposed reference field
– search partners for co-branding and sponsors, fundraising campaigns.