Offered Services


Passion, enthusiasm, innovative ideas, expertise, are our trademark to create original and creative forms and to satisfy every possible request.
Thanks to strategic and scrupulous advice we plan on the different aspects of the campaign, making events with a strong impact.
Communicating with images to give strength to ideas, this is our motto, to reate languages that can arouse emotions, and to offer effective messages that can be seen, listened to and above all to convince.
The organization’s stages range from listening to business needs, target recognition, and understanding of the goals to be achieved, to the careful and in-depth study that analyzes and assesses which communication paths can meet the project’s success requirements and which channels are the most appropriate to make it win.
Creative proposals from always innovative languages, market analysis and competition, marketing plans, brand definition and enhancement, creation and management of social media profiles [continue]


We provide photo and video services related to institutional events, wedding, tourism, sports, fashion, design.
We are working to create professional “on-the-spot” professional books (in studio, located in the outdoors or on the outside) aimed at cinema, fashion, television, entertainment, or commercial promotion agencies.
The photographic book is essential for communicating adequately your own image in casting or business presentations. It is the tool that more than anything else helps directors, designers, entrepreneurs to figure out if the person in front has the features needed to overcome the selection.
We follow all stages of production: styling, hair & make-up, posing, shooting, post-production [continue]


Micaela Zuliani, photo and Photoshop teacher for adults and children, develops didactics with a special emphasis on empirical learning over theory and technique.
Teaches courses, thematic workshops and the value of the emotional component of portrait photography and representative process.
Author of two photography books (from manuals for boys to professional portrait); Specialized in portraits and in photography to woman spreading from 2011 the genre “Boudoir” [continue]