Micaela Zuliani
Micaela Zuliani, owner of  MKZPHOTO.COM


Eclectic and unconventional photographer, specializing in portraits, is an investigator of the human soul.
He has made important social campaigns that have had a great deal of interest in reviews and articles on the most famous media (corriere della sera, il fatto quotidiano, ilsole 24ore, la repubblica, vanity fair, sette, la stampa, italia post, on rai2 tv) ; has participated in the sexuality and disability event at the triennale of milan, as well as various national conferences and debates.
He won the prize as a social campaign at the 2016 web marketing festival with the project “Boudoir Disability
Writer of photography books (from manuals for boys to professional portrait).
Introduce in 2011 the “Boudoir Photography” genre in italy and a new way of understanding photography for women, enhancing their uniqueness and authenticity without resorting to photoshop.
Author of photographic, social and special events; a promoter of photography as a therapeutic tool, collaborated in 2016 with the italian league for the fight against cancer in bologna, drawing up the Portrait de Femme Therapy project with women suffering from cancer; among the objectives of the project, the opportunity offered to offer them a valuable self-portrayal in order to improve their self-esteem and to promote the oncological care taken.
In 2017 he began to use photography as a research, therapy and support tool for young people with adolescent problems and addictions.
Teacher of photography of adults and boys, develops didactics with a special emphasis on empirical learning with respect to theory and technique.
She teaches in courses, thematic workshops and the value of the emotional component of portrait photography and representative process.
With the bookcity schools project he has held photography courses for middle school students in Milan.

Vram R. Edward Voskeritchian


From 78 he has television in Italy and abroad with many assignments; today he is tv author in mediaset.
Author of television, film, theater, radio and special events.
Editor and writer for newspapers and magazines, publisher of TPC Mag (bilingual magazine for all hi-tech enthusiasts).
Influencer in communication and development of events with the chinese institutional delegations in europe at the lombardy region and expo2015.
Group owner of the Business in China group in linkedin (more than 60000 registered users and top 1% of the most viewed linkedin profiles).
Luca Trading advisoring partner for the chinese market.
Teacher of courses funded by the European Social Fund for welfare and the Lombardy region, for the development and operational co-ordination of projects involving the media involved.
General manager of poland1, dvb-t, dvb-s, dvb-c television station.
General manager of tevecorp, ceproma s.a., multimedia production center for television, radio and printed paper (projects funded by the italian office of the ministry of foreign affairs dgcs xxiii).