Wedding Planner

Whether you have decided to marry in the church or prefer to opt for a civil ceremony, whether you want a big party, rather than an intimate ceremony, whether you dream of a classic party or be sensitive to new trends, we take care of your happiness and satisfaction .
Commitment, dedication and availability are our keywords in order to ensure a pleasant and unreasonable experience during all stages of wedding organization.

These are our tasks: counseling the couples who are about to marry at all stages of the wedding, from preparation to ceremony; choice of location, restaurant menu, flore design, car, photographers, catering, imaging services, staff selection and technical staff, with shot-pills (music bands, fashion shows, photo sessions, cooking shows, natural paths); special team (private jet, helicopters, yachts, private islands, limousine service, new & vintage supercars, private castles and private residences).
Management and resolution of any logistical and organizational problems.